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Volunteer Registration Form

We would love to engage you as a volunteer in Nova Scotia and thank you for expressing an interest in joining our team of more than 11,000 volunteers. Volunteers like you help us achieve our mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life for people living with cancer.

Please complete this registration form to help us match your needs with ours with opportunities available in Nova Scotia. If you have any questions about the personal information we collect and how we use it, please refer to our privacy policy at

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We would love to engage you as a volunteer in Nova Scotia. Below are the current volunteer positions we are trying to fill. Please indicate which Volunteer position you would prefer by selecting one of them below.

Work Experience

The Canadian Cancer Society seeks to protect volunteers, survivors, caregivers, participants, employees and the community through appropriate screening measures. Please provide the names of two or three references that we may contact (preferably individuals from organizations where you have volunteered or worked). Please list three references with daytime contact information:

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Volunteer Waiver Form

This agreement forms part of and must be attached to the Volunteer Application Form. Before you start volunteering, the Canadian Cancer Society requires your agreement on the following:

• I understand that the Society has a volunteer screening process in place, and that I may be asked to undergo an orientation, interview, reference checking, and /or criminal records and child abuse registry check, depending on the nature of the volunteer position for which I am applying.
• I will abstain from smoking or using tobacco while volunteering and I recognize that all Canadian Cancer Society events and services are smoke and tobacco free.
• I will abstain from any use of alcohol or drugs while volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society.
• I grant permission to the Canadian Cancer Society to use my name, any photo or video images of me and any comments made by me in writing or otherwise, for promotional purposes in any form of media (i.e. TV, radio, web or print)
• I understand that confidentiality is fundamental to all programs of the Canadian Cancer Society and I will be sensitive to the need for confidentiality. By signing below, I am indicating that I will not use or disclose in any manner to any third party (other than to Canadian Cancer Society attorneys, auditors, or authorized government officials) any information without the prior express written consent of the Canadian Cancer Society.
• I understand that I cannot give medical advice (which includes comments and suggestions that personalize medical information and influence treatment decisions). If someone is seeking information, I will direct him or her to a Canadian Cancer Society employee or the toll-free Cancer Information Service at 1-888-939-3333.
• I understand that I am representing the Canadian Cancer Society during my time volunteering and I agree to act in a professional manner at all times. I acknowledge receipt of the Volunteer Code of Conduct and agree to follow it all times while volunteering for the Society.
• I hereby release and discharge the Canadian Cancer Society, its agents, employees and licensees from any claim or action that I may have with respect to the use of any of the above or my participation in any related Canadian Cancer Society activities, while volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society.

By accepting below, I acknowledge that the information provided is true and accurate and that I have read, understood, and will abide by the Volunteer Agreement above. I grant the Canadian Cancer Society permission to contact the references listed on my application form and follow up on any information provided. .

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